PhotoScore - After Photoscoring



Once the music has been PhotoScored with Ultimate you can...

  • Extract parts

  • Reformat the score

  • Transpose

  • Print out

  • Play back (using Espressivo™ technology licensed from Avid for astonishing realism!) - Guitar chord diagrams/frames are not played back, although guitar tablature staves are.

  • Send directly to Sibelius

  • Save as a MusicXML file and open in Finale, Dorico, MuseScore, Notion or another music notation program

  • Save as a MIDI file and open in a DAW such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Studio One or Cubase

  • Save as a WAV (Windows) or AIFF (macOS) file for burning to CD or converting to MP3

  • Save as a PDF for publishing (macOS - use Print to PDF)

  • Use the performance mode to easily read music off the screen whilst you are performing

    *See next page for information about which music programs import the different file formats.

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Scanning, recording and transcribing copyright music without permission is illegal.

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