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      PhotoScore Ultimate 7 Box

 PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate

Play back and edit scanned sheet music and PDFs.

Quickly and accurately write music notation with stylus or mouse.

Use on its own, or with Sibelius, Finale, Cubase and most music programs.



     AudioScore Ultimate 7 Box

 AudioScore Ultimate

AudioScore Ultimate offers powerful tools to help you transcribe MP3s and CD tracks.

You can also create scores by singing or playing into your computer using a microphone.

Use on its own or with Sibelius, Finale, Pro Tools, Cubase and most music programs.




Smartphone/tablet music composition and notation app, featuring powerful handwritten music recognition.

Quickly and accurately enter music notation with your finger or stylus, on a tablet or smartphone.

Available for Android and iOS.



 Hit'n'Mix Infinity - Atomic Audio Editing

Infinity breaks down audio into notes, percussion & fundamental building blocks of amplitude, frequency, phase & panning.

These are fully editable, providing unprecedented control over all aspects of sound.

Edit the individual notes, harmonics, percussion & noise in audio tracks from solo to full mix, in an intuitive piano-roll style interface.

Clean up audio clips, work with leading DAWs, access Audioshop® tools, enhance notes & musical phrases and expand Infinity with Python scripts.






Scanning, recording and transcribing copyright music without permission is illegal.

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